Endura Series Rings

As a result of extreme hard work of our highly qualified technicians we have managed to produce rings with following features

Features Advantages
Made From SAE 52100/EN-31/100Cr6          It is considered best material. Is used by Bracker & R+F
Made on specially developed CNC Machines Best & consistent quality rings, guaranteed
Special Alloy coating Extra long life - better value for money
No traveller running-in required No production loss like in conventional rings
Very low sliding friction Higher traveller speeds
Low ovality value Lesser yarn breakage rate
Surface hardness of 1000-1100 Hv Extra long life - better value for money
Low surface roughness Easier & smoother traveller movement
Specially engineered to dissipate more heat To avoid micro welding between ring & traveller
Highly resistant to oxidation Error free & trouble free running of traveller
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